Club Reports: February 2023 Newsletter

A note from the Pittsboro Club

Pittsboro’s Member of the Month for January is Jesus Enriquez Torres. Jesus comes into the club every day with a smile and warm greeting and does his best to assure other members are on task within his area. 

February 13: Doughnut Sale
February 23: Choir Performance @ Youth of the Year Event
February 28: Black History Month Presentation by Mrs. Sharon’s Area

A note from the Siler City Club

Miracle Yarborough has shown so much improvement since her first day. She has become a better listener, she follows directions and she gets along with her fellow club members. She is becoming a good example to everyone around her.

Ryan Garret was another member of the week because he has shown a lot of improvement. Ryan is extremely respectful and helpful. Ryan used to struggle with participation during activities and now he happily participates in all of our club games and activities. He is also a great role model to his fellow club members. 

Taniya Snipes was the Noodle of the Month for January, she  is a 5th grader and a model student at Chatham Charter .Her favorite subject is Social Studies, she loves her family and friends. We chose Taniya because of her infectious personality and smile and the respect she has for herself and others.

February 10: Valentine’s Day Dance
February 27: Black History Month Event 

A note from the Robin Page Club in Lillington

Khloe Prince was the Youth of the Month for December.  Khloe is a fourth grader at Lillington-Shawtown Elementary.  Khloe is truly one of a kind. She has a big heart and has love for all of her peers. She is a mentor to the younger members as they look to her to set an example. She is always willing to help.

February 14: Valentine’s Day Celebration
March 17: Spaghetti Dinner

A note from the O.T. Sloan Park Club in Sanford

The members of the week(s) were Kimberly Torres and Dallas Marsh. Our club loves watching these two young kids grow into incredible leaders and responsible club members. They are a pleasure to have at the club every day! 

February 10: Parents Night Out
February 17: Valentine’s Dance
February 24: Black History Month Event