Summer Day Program

Fostering creativity in young people and providing outlets for creative expression.

Summer Day Programs at the Club

Through fun activities and essential skill building, summer memories are made at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina. We do whatever it takes to ensure all kids are on a path toward a Great Future, even during the summer.

That’s why our Summer Day programs provide kids with safe, fun and engaging summer experiences that give them the confidence to learn, explore, grow, and discover their passion. These include field trips, STEM programs, arts and crafts, and creative Summer Brain Gain activities to reduce learning loss and ensure a great start to the school year.

Summertime is when kids and teens make lasting memories of new adventures, interests discovered and explored, and hours spent laughing with friends. Staffed by trained and caring mentors, summer camps and programs at Boys & Girls Clubs provide affordable, safe, inclusive places where kids and teens build their confidence, explore their interests and build skills. Clubs do whatever it takes to ensure kids and teens have a memorable summer and feel prepared for the upcoming school year. 

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