Youth of the Year: Skye Roberson

Youth of the Year Recognition

Skye Roberson from the O.T. Sloan Club

From the beginning of my club experience, twelve years ago, there was always support, friendship, and connections. When I first joined the Boys and Girls Club, it was a small establishment on Church Street in Sanford, North Carolina. This place was far from luxury and neatness, but that is not what mattered; it was the character and what was on the inside. The main office was where I tended when I hurt my knee. The kitchen was the place where I sometimes helped. The main area held talent shows in which my friends and I participated. The second and third-grade area was where I began to explore art and occasionally practice for dance and step performances. The teen room was where I learned the importance of not judging a book by its cover and digging deeper. The concrete basketball court is where I hurt my knee but also made friends by playing four square and having tournaments surrounding the game. The swing and jungle gym areas are where we would count out loud as a timer so no one would go over their time on the swing. The jungle gym would be the base when playing tag. Many great memories and accomplishments have happened over the years that involved the Boys and Girls Club.

Now that I am older and grown up,  I have learned many things about myself and the people around me. The most important thing is that you have the ability to change who you are no matter what and other people can not stop you from being the best person you can be. That responsibility is all on you. My future is very bright and full of promise. In May I will be graduating with not only my high school diploma but with an Associate and Arts and I will be attending NC State University to study criminology. And with this degree and my experiences over the years, I hope to continue to inspire others and be a leader to everyone young and old.