For any organization, there is a tapestry that tells the story – it shares the history while setting the tone for the future. Faye Cress’ influence is woven throughout the tapestry that is the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Carolina. 

Of course, her version of the story is understated. Extremely understated. As she shares the tales of adding Board members, securing funding, and expanding from one club in Lee County to four Clubs across four counties, it almost sounds easy. 

It wasn’t easy. 

That’s the effect of a servant’s heart – creating beauty sounds easy. 

But then out of the history comes the “why” – and Faye’s why is beautiful. 

She explains, “What always amazed me…was watching a child come into the Club for the first time. Many times, their eyes were ‘dead’…but a week later, the same child would come bounding into the Club. Now, they have hope. They are happy. They have people who care.” 

Faye reflects, “We are giving kids hope.” 

What more could we ask for? 

The tapestry of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Carolina tells a story of hundreds, now thousands of children who have been given the best gift of all: Hope. 

Hope for a few hours each afternoon, hope for adults outside of their homes who care about their success, hope for a great future.