Summer Program

We are accepting applications for our Summer Program at our OT Sloan Park Unit and our Wren Family Center.
Kids ages 6-18.
Members must have completed Kindergarten this year.
Spaces are going fast and are first come, first serve…

Cost per Location:
*OT Sloan Park Site is $350 per child for the entire summer.
That cost covers 6:30 am – 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday, and we provide breakfast and lunch.

*Wren Family Center is $300 per child for the summer program.
7:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Breakfast and Lunch included as well.

Payment Options:
*OT Sloan: $50 Registration fee at the time of registration, then $40 per week during the summer.
The fee is required for all weeks, even the ones not attended.

*Wren Family Center: $50 Registration fee at the time of registration then $30 per week during the summer.

The fee is required for all weeks, even the ones not attended.

*OT Sloan Park Unit in Lee County: 919-776-3525

*Wren Family Center in Chatham County: 919-663-6159 

Summer For All Scholarships

When the school year ends and summer begins, over 400 children from Lee & Chatham Counties come to the Boys & Girls Club of Central Carolina attend our summer camps and activities.

Here, instead of being left alone and unsupervised until their parents come home from work, our Club Members have the opportunity to participate in fun and engaging programs to learn and expand their horizons. These programs include science, technology, engineering, arts, math, literacy, and sports. Let’s not forget offsite enrichment trips like rock climbing, visits to the NC Zoo, Natural Science and History Museums, the Beach, and dozens more unique and enriching activities.

Boys & Girls Club is a safe place where kids can come year-round to play, receive the academic support and encouragement they need, and participate in activities that open new doors to them.

BGCCC provides programs in education, the arts, sports, career exploration, health and fitness, leadership and recreation. Staff emphasize character development and provide guidance and the skills our children need to succeed in life.

While the full cost to provide our services for a school year is over $1,800, our Members pay only $52 per school year & $200 for summer camp to attend Boys & Girls Club. Even at this greatly reduced fee, scholarships are available to families in need to help ensure no child is turned away due to inability to pay.
Obviously, our membership income does not come close to meeting the costs of operating our far-reaching program. However, with the support of generous community members such as yourself, we will be able to continue serving children who need us most.

We need to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of scholarships needs for our 2019 Summer Camp. We’re asking that you help us SEND A KID TO CAMP this summer so we can continue to offer the essential services and programs to children of our community upon which families depend.

We are very proud of the work being done at the Boys & Girls Clubs Central Carolina and we want to earn your support. We would love for you to come for a visit so we can show you our facility and introduce you to our programs.

Please call or email Elizabeth Colebrook at 919-776-6304
or to arrange a time for a personal tour.

PS: Your gift no matter the amount will be used to make a positive difference so that together we can make summer camp available for ALL!

Thanks to the Duke Energy Foundation, Club Members will be introduced to a variety of STEM subjects and explore career paths in these fields. A special thank you to Indira 😊 for coming to visit our
Club to meet our BOD & Members ❤️

Sanford NC Free Food
Sanford NC Free Food


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina is dedicated to serving Lee and Chatham County youth from the ages of 6-18.
From homework assistance to games, athletics, workshops for our young men and women, to drug prevention programs, the Club offers young people a range of fun, productive, and learning activities.

The Clubs are open each day after school from:
2:30-6:30 (OT Sloan Site)
2:30-6:00 (Wren Family Center Site)

Research has proven that between the hours of 3:00-6:00 pm, juvenile crime is on the rise. Why not send your children to a safe place during those hours?

Growing Together “Wren Family Center”

Connect With US Today!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina is a unique organization consisting of 2 Club facilities, our O.T. Sloan site and our Wren Family Center located in Chatham County.

Our goal is to provide every child with the essential tools needed for a successful and bright future. Since 1995, the vision of Boys & Girls Clubs has grown and changed with the needs of our children. As the needs of our children and their families continue to change, so will the dynamics of our programs and services.

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