Jaclyn Walker’s Growth with BGCCC

From volunteering her time to stepping into roles such as membership manager, program leader, education director, and club director, Jaslyn Walker’s Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina story is one of continuous growth and commitment. Most recently, she has taken on the crucial role of YouthForce Director, where her mission is clear: to empower our youth to thrive academically and professionally.

At the core of her dedication lies the goal of ensuring that young individuals achieve on-time grade promotion and graduation, while also paving the way for local job and internship opportunities for club teenagers. Additionally, Jaslyn tirelessly supports teens in exploring post-secondary education and military service prospects.

Jaslyn’s journey to this significant position is nothing short of remarkable. She holds a master’s degree in biblical studies, with a minor in Christian counseling, showcasing her commitment to holistic development and personal growth. Her educational background has undoubtedly contributed to her compassionate and understanding approach in mentoring and supporting young minds.

Yet, outside her professional life, Jaslyn Walker is a multifaceted individual. When she isn’t immersed in the rewarding work of the Boys & Girls Clubs, she finds solace in her love for travel, indulges in the joy of reading, and channels her creative spirit through writing.

Jaslyn Walker’s story is a testament to the remarkable individuals who dedicate their lives to making a positive impact on the next generation. Her journey continues to inspire, and her unwavering commitment to the youth is a beacon of hope for a brighter future. As we follow her path, we can all find inspiration in her passion for empowering the leaders of tomorrow.